Castle Drogo – a marmite experience

Castle Drogo main entranceToday, after a beautiful walk in one of my favourite spots, Fernworthy, a visit to Castle Drogo. More of that in a mo’.

The Fernworthy walk. Park at the spot where the Granite Way crosses Station Road about half a mile from the A386 Tavistock to Okehampton road. Head towards Lydford on the cycle path and in half a mile you come to a large metal gate into a large area of access land on the right.

Our two terriers, Fergus and Bobby never seem to tire of this place. They’re getting on a bit now, 11 years old. Bobby has had two cruciate ligament repairs in the last three years and is a bit arthritic. Fergus on the other hand is just as active and almost as fast as he was at two. Normally Bobby is a plodder but at Fernworthy…

Source: Castle Drogo – a marmite experience


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