Hello world! Welcome to Tortrekker

Hi, hallo, g’day, hola, ciao, salut, hej, ola

I never expected to retire in my fifties but I did. Not my aim exactly but the gory details are for another time perhaps. What retirement has offered is the time and opportunity to explore my ‘back yard’, the beautiful Dartmoor National Park in the county of Devon, southwest England.

Before today, I have never blogged, tweeted or facebooked. I love the opportunities to search and find information the internet offers but I’m not very tech-savvy. Yesterday someone close to me suggested that, as I spend a lot of time trekking, photographing, exploring and most of all enjoying Dartmoor, I might want to share my experiences and images with others online. I thought long and hard about it, for perhaps three milliseconds, then confidently replied, “Why not!”.

I quickly realised I had no idea how to blog; would I need a website? Is that expensive or difficult? A quick google of how to blog and up popped WordPress. Within five minutes or so, here I am, typing my first ever blog. It may, of course, be the last thing of mine you read… your choice. But if I get the hang of it I aim to publish many of my favourite images of Dartmoor, its landscapes, historical features, interesting places and some of its people. I’ll also include some of my favourite walks on Dartmoor in the hope that someone out there finds them at least half as interesting and enjoyable as I do.

I hope I find out how to enable readers to communicate with me, so they can post their views and replies and of course point out the inevitable mistakes I’m sure to make. But hey, I’m not paid to do this and as I said I’m retired. It’s just a hobby. If you get something out of my ramblings, I’ll be delighted. If you don’t, there are many other blogs and websites about Dartmoor, some of which I’ll reference, where you might find what floats your boat. Whatever you think, please let me know. It will encourage me… or perhaps save me from inflicting terminal boredom on other unlucky browsers who fall across my site.



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